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phase 4 
End of the Message - sigurnosna kamera snima! (Security Camera is Recording Now!)í
video installation in public space - the bank
The mentioned video was played over a monitor placed next to the historical sculpture ëVestalinkaí (by Ivan Mestrovic, 1917) in the interior of a bank. The installation was recorded by bankís normal surveillance camera system. A sign with titles of the two displayed works and attention note ëSecurity Camera Recording!í informed the audience about their participation. The installation title itself was not displayed.

The video material from the surveillance system was not itself displayed in the work, but the fact that recording was in the process put the entire bank security camera system into an art video installation. With this work I intent to underline an everyday situation of public spaces being observed.

Work was presented in 1996 in the bank office Oktogon - Privredna banka, in Zagreb, as part of the ëT.ESTí exhibition, curated by Mr. Tihomir Milovac (Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb).