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phase 6

End of the Message (archives - live!)
multi-media installation and audio work

This triple video-projection includes both the museum and the bank surveillance videos [1, 2]. In addition, a still video is introduced in this phase. [3]. Time delay caused by the absence of motion, is complemented by projections of images on a large screen. The twelve by three meter screen cannot be taken in from a single focal point. 

The last intervention is the process of the sound being doubly displaced from the image: in the first instance it is simultaneously broadcast via the radio, and secondly, there is an audio CD.


1996 - ŽDrive-in cinemaŪ event at Planet Art and radio in Hengelo, Netherlands
1996 - Kapelica gallery / SKUC radio Ljubljana
1997 - Institute of Contemporary Art in Dunajvaros, Hungary
1999 -Berlage Institute Amsterdam / Radio Patapoe
2000 - Miroslav Kraljevic gallery / Radio Student, Zagreb
2000 -  Images . Argos project . Vevey . Swiss