Djurdja Otrzan - Darko Fritz . July 1988

Close up

DO: I am making  a phantom out of you...
DF: Yes, when you do not have the original...

DO: When you started to work, art was just a word...

DF: There is nothing wrong in people  starting to feel time as a substitute for a better future.

DO: People are not afraid of the future or the past but of themselves.

DF: This is precisely what is seducing them and pushing them to seek the original and original should not be sought, the original is offering a feeling of importance to a person which is false anyway.

DO: You must have some sort of reserves.

DF: No, I don't, because nothing is being spent.

DO: History may be an angle under which realities collide, it can also be created like this, a simultaneous and synchronous creation of a paradox which cannot in any way be recorded...

DF: There are but a few people who know something about history, most of them are constantly returning to places where was nothing so they had only to give them meaning and therefore, they remembered them.

DO: When I come for this conversation, I had problems with narration.

DF: One should do what one does not know how to do, for example, to live. When we live, we are doing something about which we have no knowledge.

DO: ... not with my narration,   but with yours, yours and Æeljko's. Is this why you are always making a performance out of everything?

DF: This word should be eliminated from use, that is, Æeljko said that  it reminds of deformances and he was right.

DO: Citation...

DF: ... long awaited eroticism.And it responds to something in me that is always been waited to be asked.

DO: I don't know one single masterpiece of remake, a reprint, or digital combination?

DF: Time is not a process, time is information. To give correct information does not mean to work on a masterpiece but on the absurd. To be on time in time.

This is a result of receiving the universe through only one channel of information and not integrally. A human being is given one way for cognition of the world, and today, the idea is acting as a replicant. A mimetic replicant where the 'memes' are living structures which move from one mind to another.

DO: Are you dramatizing time?

DF: Yes, because one reacts organically to information but not arc-genetically, in a conditioned way. Information is organic except this is not yet known to us. Information is growing like crystals, it suddenly acquires shape after a long period of waiting. For this, it is necessary for a preliminary disintegration of positive to occur. The drama unwinds alone, I am only watching.

DO: My curiosity is endless, and I'm sure that you never solved riddles when you were little.

DF: No, I always dodged them, that was more interesting than guessing - I dodged and commented. This pushed me forward and later I discovered that a strategy exists for accurate dodging. Or better said a strategy on how to stay alive and how to avoid being figured out.

DO: Did you learn it during your military service?

DF: No, I learn it in the cinema.

DO: Life without enigmas, isn't it entirely unartistic?

DF: You mean, unliterary? This leaves intuition entirely free.When I am older, I'll probably have something to keep from others, to keep only for myself, but this will be just another substitute, a substitute for independence. And again, older than what...

DO: It's a long way to twenthyseven...

DF: You show me a number and I say: this is loneliness looks like.

DO: I am for the mathematicians who are rebelling against physicists and are asking:


DF: Entropy again. They want a story, not an argument. Art is too old to be convinced of something. Today we are helping her, she is not helping us. Just like all ladies in the golden years she likes a good joke the most.

DO: In 1992, we shall enter the United States of Europe...

DF: ... hooray, the continental legalization of the 'Imitation of Life'!

DO: you believe that there will be no place left for subversion?

DF: Sure there will. We did not watch the film. ('Imitation of Life',t.n.)

DO: What about 'Cries and Whispers'?

DF: No Bergman. That amazing Bergman.

DO: Who said that?

DF: Erich von Stroheim. And perhaps also Tadej Zupancic.

DO: Did you have enough of post-post orientation?

DF: When we do not know which idea is circulating, we intercept it and we take what we need.

DO: Who intercept it?

DF: Scissors, Xerox. But mainly scissors. Manual work. We are manufacturers in the Bolshevik sense of that word.

DO: Something like free tailors instead of free masons... Ask me something.

DF:  Okay, when will you come by for coffee?

DO: Okay, don't ask me anything... I like that you don't flirt at work, but again I can see that between easy and hard art, you are choosing the easy.

DF: So that people will easily accept it. What is produced through hardship and pain is so received and the attitude towards the piece of art determinism whether this is art or trash.

DO: Fritz, you do not believe in God, correct?

DF: Sure I do. Only he is no longer threatening with a compass from above, but he came down with a tape measurer in his hand and he is measuring and measuring...

DO: Have you now cured yourself of this romantic neurosis for the absolute, or did you never have it?

DF: I am not of the nature that falls in love easily so this is why I did not have it, but I have strewn nostalgia for the unprovable. I am curing myself with space, space therapy is the best because keeps changing and this excites me. Especially when Ozren is also taking photographs.

DO: Do you get along well with people?

DF: We compare films. However, without results.

DO: Too many films?

DF: No way. Too few people.

DO: You are doing a very difficult job: structuring emptiness...

DF: I beg your pardon?!...I'm allowing people to breath, what's the matter with you?

DO: You prepared pistols for them...

DF: The air pistols from my artwork, you mean? Yes...

DO: I am doing the same.

DF: You mean, with the interview?

DO: Well, yes. I don't know whether I should tell them that I invented all this.

DF: That's your territory. Words. If I knew how to write, I wouldn't need you.

DO: You need me only for writing?

DF: Hm, ...and for the company.

DO: Hi, Zeljko...

ZS: Hi, where is Fritz?

DO: Zeljko...Fritz said that only that which does not exist invokes a feeling of pleasantness and satisfaction, do you think the same?

ZS: Fritz said that?

DO: Yes...

ZS: I must find him immediately so that I can best refute him.



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