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2011 A little-known story about a movement, a magazine, and the computer's arrival in art: New Tendencies and Bit International, 1961-1973 : [bit international [Nove] tendencije. Computer und visuelle Forschung Zagreb 1961-1973. Exhibitions: Neue Galerie Graz am Landesmuseum Joanneum 28.04.-17.06.2007, ZKM, Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe 23.02.2008-18.01.2009] / ed. by Margit Rosen, Darko Fritz, Marija Gattin, Peter Weibel, - Cambridge, Mass. : MIT, 2011. - 576 S. : zahlr. Ill. ISBN: 978-0-262-51581-8. available via ZKM shop (direct link here)

2009 Reconstructions: private = public = private = public = . edited by Darko Fritz, Fond B92, Belgrade, ISBN 978-86-910133-2-5

2007 Archives in Progress [projects 1987 - 2007] . edited by Darko Fritz, texts by: Darko Fritz, Nataša Ilic, Silva Kalcic, Leonida Kovac, Eric Kluitenberg, Vesna Madzoski, Zvonko Makovic, Susanna Paasonen and Inka Schube . HDLU, Zagreb / Musum of Modern and Contemporary art Rijeka

2002 Media Art in Croatia . first survey and attempt at defining the term Media art in Croatia in its historical context and setting up a relevant database . written and edited by Darko Fritz . content: A brief overview of media art in Croatia (since 1960s) [text only here in .pdf format] | Institutions, events, databases | Publications . culturenet.hr web portal

2001  204_NO_CONTENT . portfolio of prints . imgs: Darko Firtz . txts: net.wurker][mez][ . intro texts Goran Blagus and Komninos Zervos . S Gallery . Koprivnica

2000 - 2001  Time=money=time=  . portfolio of prints . Atelier Brano Horvat . text Natasa Ilic [eng] [cro]

2000  I am Still Alive [early computer-based art recent low-tech and internet art] -editor- on-line and printed
publication . Mi2 . Zagreb

1998  Internet Porno . printed publication . texts by Darko Fritz, Goran Blagus, Natasa Ilic and Djurda Otrzan

1997  Darko Fritz - telefax works 1991 - 1997 . printed publication . text by Zvonko Makovic 

1996  End of the Message - works 1995 - 1996 . publication . texts by Darko Fritz, Leonida Kovac [eng] [cro] and Inka Schube 

1996  End of the Message - works 1995 - 1996 - on-line publication . with Rene Feyth

1995  Keep the Frequency Clear - portfolio of prints, Museum of Contemporary Art . Zagreb

1995 Theatre Time [project guide] . with Leonida Kovac [ed.] . Quorum . Zagreb [more]

1994 Autobahnkreutz [video guide] . Art FIlm . Zagreb

1991 / 1992  Transmitter -  art book . samizdat 

1987 -1990 The Imitation of Life Studio / Krici i saputanja . series of five printed publications . with Zeljko Serdarevic . samizdats

. interview . Close up . Darko Fritz | Djurdja Otrzan . 1988

. Profile: Darko Fritz . MISH MASH, Leonardo Electronic Almanac, Volume 17 Issue 1, August 2011Leonardo/ISAST, San Francisco, p. 42 - 55. Lanfranco Aceti, Interview with Darko Fritz + Saša Vojkovic, Reflections on Archives in Progress by Darko Fritz + Vesna Madzoski, Error to Mistake: Notes on the Aesthetics of Failure

. texts by Darko Fritz

:::::: see texts by Darko Fritz on academia.org

_ 1968–1972 International Artists’ Meetings in Vela Luka
. Oris no 111, 2018

_ Politics of Green Spaces, Alchimia Nova - AnneMarie Maes, 2016

Agents of Social and Political Change in the Early Digital Arts from the Netherlands, in: OPEN FIELDS. Art and Science Research Practices in the Network Society, Acoustic Space, Vol. 15, eds: Rasa Smite, Raitis Smits, Armin Medosch, 2016, RIXC, Riga & LiepU MPLab, Liepaja, p. 55 - 61.

International Networks of Early Digital Arts, in: A Companion to Digital Art, ed. Christiane Paul, Wiley-Blackwell, 2016, Hoboken, NJ

_Media Façades and Urban Media Environments - Developments of Art Practices, in: What Urban Media Art Can Do,. eds: Susa Pop, Tanya Toft, Nerea Calvillo, Mark Wright - In collaboration with the Connecting Cities partners, 2016, AV edition, Berlin, pp 414 - 423 > pdf

_ Histories of the Post Digital, in: Histories of the Post Digital, exhib. cat., curated by Ekmel Ertan and Darko Fritz, Akbank Sanat / Amber Platform, Istanbul, 2015, p 9-11 (catalogue pdf here)

_ Agents of Social and Political Change in 1960s and 1970s Digital Art, in: Histories of the Post Digital (reader), ed. Ekmel Ertan, Akbank Sanat / Amber Platform, Istanbul, 2015, p 31-63 (book pdf here)

_The Notion of the Program in 1960s Art – Concrete, Computer-generated and Conceptual Art, ed. Ryszard Kluszczy?ski, Art+Science Meeting, LAZNIA Centre for Contemporary Art in Gdansk, 2015 (Polish, English)

_Paralel Lines: Waledemar Cordeiro and New Tendencies – Tranisitions from Analog to Digtal in Socially Engaged Art, WALDEMAR CORDEIRO – FANTASIA EXATA, Itaú Cultural, São Paulo, 2014

_Fritz, Darko: Histories of Networks and Live Meetings—Case Study: [New] Tendencies, 1961-1973 (1978), in: Relive: Media Art Histories, eds. Sean Cubitt and Paul Thomas, MIT Press, 2013, p 99-118

_Beginning of computer-generated art in the Netherlands . first findings . 2011 > pdf 2.8 mb

_Images and Sound Created and Synchronized by Algorithm Vladimir Bonacic’s Computer-Generated Interactive Audiovisual Object GF. E(16,4), 1969 – 1974 in: Pierre Schaeffer mediART, Proceedings of the International ConferencePierre Schaeffer: mediArt, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Rijeka, 2011, p. 134 - 143, PDF here

_"La notion de «programme» dans l’art des années 1960 – art concret, art par ordinateur et art conceptuel" / "Notions of the Program in 1960s Art – Concrete, Computer-generated and Conceptual Art". Paper presented at the conference Art-oriented programming 2 (Programmation orientée-art 2) at the Amphithéâtre Richelieu of the Sorbonne, Paris, 20th October 2007. Published at the Art++, David-Olivier Lartigaud (ed.), Editions HYX (Architecture-Art contemporain-Cultures numériques), Orléans, 2011, pp. 26 - 39. >pdf [French] . >pdf [English, txt only].

_ Vladimir Bonacic: Computer-Generated Works Made Within Zagreb’s New Tendencies Network (1961–1973), Leonardo - Volume 41, Number 2, April 2008, pp. 175-183 .> pdf

_ New Tendencies, Oris, no. 54, year X, 2008, Arhitekst, Zagreb, pp. 176 - 191.> pdf

_ From Gorgona to New Tendencies - pluralty of the Croatian fine art of the 1960s, Prostor u jeziku / Knjizevnost i kultura sezdesetih. Zbornik radova 37. seminara Zagrebacke slavisticke skole, ed. K. Micanovic. Zagreb 2009, pp. 127-135. .> pdf [Croatian]

_ Vladimir Bonacic – Early Works, Zagreb 1968–197, CIP, no. 07-08, 2006, UHA, Zagreb, pp. 50 -55 .> pdf

_ Between Form and Concept: The Positioning of Computer-Based Arts in the Lat e 1960s . with Margit Rosen . paper presented at the MediaArtHistories: Times and Landscapes II session . REFRESH! First International Conference on the Histories of Media Art, Science and Technology . Banff New Media Institute . Banff . Canada . 2005 . see video registration of the presentation or download mp4 here.

_ Media Art in Croatia
. first survey and attempt at defining the term Media art in Croatia in its historical context and setting up a relevant database . written and edited by Darko Fritz . content: A brief overview of media art in Croatia (since 1960s) . Institutions, events, databases . Publications [magazines, TV, books, mailing lists and on-line texts; Bibliography of the Croatian video art] . from 2002 . culturenet.hr web portal . other formats: text only .pdf file here . hypertext [no images] here

_Amnesia International - early computer art and the Tendencies movement, I am Still Alive (ed. Darko Fritz),ex. cat., MI2, Zagreb, 2000, pp. 6 -12 and Bitomatik, kuda.org, Novi Sad, 2004, pp. 103 -109 >pdf

. texts about Darko Fritz . selection

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Goran Blagus: Blow Job or the Art of Vacuming, pref. cat. Internet Porno, 1998

Goran Blagus: 204_NO_CONTENT . pref. portfolio of prints 204_NO_CONENT . S Gallery . Koprivnica . 2001 . ISBN 953-96646-6-7 

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no.25 vol.7 summer 1997
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Ilic Natasa, pref. cat. time=money=time=, 2001

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Iva Radmila Jankovic: Ime prostora: ambijent, Glasje no. 6, Zadar, 1997

Iva Radmila Jankovic: 'Remembering the body', BLOODY_BODY_VALUE_NOBODY [cover + content + order form], Galerija Marino Cettina, Umag, 2000

Hrovat B.: Umjetnost buducnosti (koja je vec dosla) u SKUCu, The Art of the Future (which already come) in the  SKUC , Vecernji list 21-02-1990 

Leonida Kovac. [editor]: Darko Fritz - projekt Theatre Time . texts by Leonida Kovac, Jacques Defert, Darko Firtz, Vladimir Gudac, Tihomir Milovac, Ivan Molek, Djurdja Otrzan, Ivan Pajic, Goran Sergej Pristas, Sandra Krizic Roban; Quorum  no. 3, 1995
Djurdja Otrzan: Gro (Bulk), interview, The Imitation of Life Studio 2 1/2, 1988

Leonida Kovac: Reading the End of the Message, End of the Message - works 1995 - 1996, 1996 [cro]

Joanne Richardson: The twilight of the avant-gardes at the end of time, 2000 
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ISBN: 90-5705-073-0 / 9057050730
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an. : Oosterse Synesthetica, De Ijsberg no. 8, 1996

Europe > Humanisme, Selest'Art, Internationale biennale d'Art contemporain,1997 (CD - Rom Mac & PC)