portfolio of prints

imgs: Darko Fritz . txts: Mary-Anne Breeze - net.wurker][mez][

2001 . 12 lists . 35 x 50 cm

intro texts by Komninos Zervos [Mez] and Goran Blagus [Fritz]

published by S Gallery . Koprivnica . printed by Horetzky d.o.o. Zagreb . 12 lists . 35 x 50 cm . ISBN 953-96646-6-7

_CRL Dream See][page][quence Test_ is @:


_N.struc][k dumb][tions_

 ~This Is A T.Est][imation of yr dream c-quentials][
 ~Jumb.L The L.e.ments N ][Cue][Stitch.


+L.E.ment 1::::::The StoryBoard.

 M.magine a .horror film s.et][ui][. bathed in n.terventions+
 of cracked p][uppet][rops jerked in2 a.life+

 via topographs N grips.+

 4 in a set of 3+


+L.E.ment 2::::::The Results of the S][e][t][up][ory.

 the 4 drown in ][ap][pre][hensive][n][arrative][uptials++
 buffyed in2 action][heroed kinetics][++


       all life in death b.cums life++


+L.E.ment 3::::::The Results of the Results.

 death revoked+++

 an.null][N void][e][a][d+


_Scoring K.ey][e][_


- - - [necrobiotic vacancy]   ----   ------ -     -    -

--- - - - -|-re.animation c-quence-|- - - - ---

- - - [traffic lighted trauma]----   ------ -     -    -

--- - -reanim][e][][l][ation ][blood][sea-quence n-gaged- - - ---



-[abort][retry][ed fetal tissue is activ][reanim][ated][-



Gene.o.trash Labels

*.[this is not my colourful codepoetry
images of a small velveteenish head 

all slippery N binary-glitched]

Newscl.o.ning through Ceramically-C][lashed N l][o][a][ded Teeth

*.[barcode rings and ICANN singing 
"i can icann i will"]


Yr predict.cabled dark Statistical Response.*

][non][ X.pressi][ng on yr soft bellied throat][ve

Volume 1.3 of a L][ewd][urker ][re:][Orientation.*

Non-responsive][ness][-sided Participant Chip M.bedd.* 

[S][l][ee.ping][count 1 seconds][s out of sight.* 

.O.vert ][wo][Manifest Con][sciousness][tent.*

N.][di][visible Rawswarming(c).*

Free-Radi.cal N.al.y.sis][ter][ Clouding.*

Over.arch.ing Maleinglist Blue-Printing.* 

An ][re:][Active De.sign.][posted][ation.*

--massed ][re:][genders clinging upwards 

--filling e.volu][mes][tionary gap.pages

--swimming in shoals of beta-blocker infomash

--vehicular datatraffic back-breakage 

--reified t][heory][onnage slapped against ][tesla][ c.oils

-- .XX. -porno units of floating density 

--we swamp N stitch blond baggage in2 ochred tones of re][a][d


[A.D.D D.D.T D][u][CT T.A.G]


*.flag a future.stun-gunned.strand 
& flick yr Nouvelle Vague.node-mode.off

twinned cauls of ][t][here N now.*