intro text about Mez's work by Komninos Zervos

from portfolio of prints 204_NO_CONTENT . imgs: Darko Fritz . txts: net.wurker][mez][ . published by S Gallery . Koprivnica . 2001 

Mez' s mezangelle language, conceived in cyberspace, is not being noticed globally - even the traditional print based poetry community is becoming aware of mezangelle as a new literary device, and if not new, certainly an extension of the last big phenomenon of poetry, parataxis within lines of poetry as characterised by the work of the language poets in the 1970s and 1980s and which now permeates into mainstream poetry - the world is possibly witnessing the first literary avant garde instigated by an Australian.
Mezís parataxis of syllable and letter (within words themselves) sets up a poetic experience where the words clash, their internal workings are in opposition, disrupting the way we read as language and forcing a closer examination of the text - creating new meanings with the text.
As such it is difficult to read. I resisted for many months, hitting the delete button each time I, d see a mez post. but when I allowed myself the space to receive this text (purely by her persistence) wondering if I hit the delete button one too many times, and I found my way in to her work. Equally important as the mezangelle language has been the method of collection of the texts, the method of generation of the texts, the collaborative aspect of the work. This is inseparable from the work, and totally exposed out there, poetry in the act of being made - the process becomes equally as important as the product.

Komninos Zervos, Lecturer in poetry and cyber studies, Griffith University

Mary-Anne Breeze, better known as Mez, lives and works in Australia. She has been described as one of ěthe original net.artistsî who is ě... without doubt one of the most consistent, profilic, innovative artists working in new media today. Mez,s work with language has had a considerable effect on the language of many...î. Since 1995, she has exhibited extensively via the internet and in ěrealtimeî.