fax action . part of FAX.NL project by Darko Fritz

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sent from: cultural centre
received by: museums of fine arts

13 . 12 . 2003 . 118 fine arts museums in the Netherlands are receiving faxes
D Nerve LAb . Open 24 Hours . De Balie . Amsterdam

Fax your reactions to [020] 6831814 or send an e-mail. All feedback will be archived at a web page [here].

155 fax calls were made during the action. 82 Sent OK | 1 Fax cancelled | 23 No answer | 13 Busy | 33 Retrain error | 3 No confirmation. See the fax log.

A computer placed in the cultural centre De Balie performing a pre-programmed fax-modem communication. Over aprox. 24 hours it will automatically call 119 fax numbers of fine art museums in the Netherlands.
The fax message consists of four A4 pages bearing a typographic image which reads '415 UNSUPPORTED MEDIA TYPE'. This 'found' text is an internet server's HTML error report; a message that appears when an Internet server informs a user about an error.
This computer graphic [124,5 x 21 cm print] is free of charge and copyleft [i.e. no copyright], and can be reproduced in any analogue or digital form.
The fax recipients are Netherlands' museums, as part of Netherlands' fine arts network considering in FAX.NL project.

The database was made with use of several sources [De Kunst-bus, Open Directory Project, Galeries.nl, Museumserver, Art Diary, etc.]. Mostly all fax numbers were listed.

Feel free to fax | print | downlad | copy | paste [118.8 x 21 cm |4 x A4 pages, vertically | 24 kb]: