Project consists of series of fax actions, each considering different part of the Netherlands' fine arts and related bureaucratic network.

A computer placed at choosen site performing a pre-programmed fax-modem communication. Over two days it automatically calls listed fax numbers of choosen part of fine art network in the Netherlands. Fax recepients can send their feedback via fax or e-mail.
Each telefax communication takes between three and six minutes, depending on data-transfer speed. The telefax message consists of three or four A4 pages bearing a typographic image which reads choosen ' internet server's HTML error report. The received computer graphics are free of charge and copyleft [i.e. no copyright], and can be reproduced in any analogue or digital form. Fax recepients can sent their feedback [by fax and e-mail], which is archived at the web. There is a possibility to fax | print | copy | paste the graphics from this website as well.


sent from: artists initiative [artists' run space]
received by: fonds, governmental cultural departments, organisations, visual arts centres, societies, institutes and foundations [total: 217]
date: 13 - 14 . 09 . 2003
occasion: exhibition opening . Willekeur en/of Het Goed Geproportioneerde Lichaam . exhibition . Artis . Den Bosch

sent from: artists society
received by: galleries [
total: 431]
date: 26 - 27 . 09 . 2003
occasion: exhibition opening . Numbers Only . Arti et Amicitiae Society . Amsterdam

sent from: cultural centre
received by: museums [total: 118]
13  . 12 . 2003
occasion: Museumnacht event . D Nerve LAb . Open 24 Hours . De Balie . Amsterdam

Each database was made with use of several sources. Despite the excellent access to information about the institutions in the Netherlands, a lot of fax numbers were not listed. Addresses and telephone numbers are common contacts, and occasionally e-mail addresses appear, but fax numbers were the rarest data. It seems that real-time printed communication has been replaced by digital medium.

Keywords: fine arts network from the Netherlands; fax art, database art, spam art, mail art, communication art, computer graphic, typographic image

Low-tech: action is automated, performed by computer Apple Macintosh LC [model from 1990] and Global Village fax-modem. The starting time of the communication is pre-programmed, and the fax software dials all fax numbers automatically [if communication fails, the number is repeated another nine times at 45-minute intervals]


> see other fax works by Darko Fritz [from 1991 on]