fax action . part of FAX.NL project by Darko Fritz

. 215 offices in the Netherlands receiving faxes . 13 + 14 . 09 . 2003
. Willekeur en/of Het Goed Geproportioneerde Lichaam . exhibition . Artis . Den Bosch . The Netherlands . 13 . 09 | 30 . 11 . 2003

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see the full-size computer screen-shot made during the fax action

A computer placed in the atists initiative Artis performing a pre-programmed fax-modem communication. Over two days it was called 215 fax numbers of fine art networks in the Netherlands.
Each faxcommunication takes between three and six minutes, depending on data-transfer speed. The faxmessage consists of four A4 pages bearing a typographic image which reads '404 FILE NOT FOUND'. This 'found' text is an internet server's HTML error report; a message that appears when an Internet server informs a user about an error.
This computer graphic [118.8 x 21 cm print] is copyleft [i.e. no copyright] and free of charge, and can be reproduced in any analogue or digitalform..

The recipients of the fax are institutions in the Netherlands' fine arts [bureaucratic] network . The 215 institutions chosen participate at all levels: international, EU, the Netherlands, city or regional. The following governmental and non-governmental organisations dealing with culture and fine art were selected: funding bodies, governmental cultural departments, organisations, visual arts centres, societies, institutes and foundations specialised in fine art [regardless of whether they provide professional advice, promote or lend fine art or find housing or studio space for artists, etc.]. Museums, galleries, artists' initiatives and artists are not included [unless they also participate in any of the aforementioned networks].

The database was made with use of several sources [BK - Informatie; Open Directory Project, Cultuure Net, Fondswervingonline.nl, Cultuurbereik, Galeries.nl etc.]. Despite the excellent access to information about the institutions in the Netherlands, a lot of fax numbers were not listed.
Addresses and telephone numbers are common contacts, and occasionally e-mail addresses appear, but fax numbers were the rarest data.

215 fax calls were made during the action. 172 Sent OK | 2 Fax cancelled | 41 No answer / Busy. See the fax log.

Feel free to fax | print | download | copy | paste [118.8 x 21 cm | 3 x A4 pages, vertically | 24 kb]: