Crypted TV Porn [digital]

video by Darko Fritz

3-channal video installation. 1999 - 2003 . 60 min . endless play
. 3 x DVD

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'Crypted TV porn [digital]' is a visual composition of crypted [coded] TV signal dislocated into the physical space [of the art installation]. TV broadcasters crypt the video signal for one which don't pay subscription fee. Nevertheless such a signals are present in both the air and at the Amsterdam TV cable. In particular, TV program with hard-core porno films was recorded. Within unregulated rhythms of distorted and noisy moving images of unsynchronized video signal the image processing just happened by itself: polarization, black and white and color negative inversions, image moving out of frame horizontal and vertical, strobe- effect etc. No additional editing were used. During the transfer of analogue to digital video image a new quality of image is achieved.

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