digital video: Power Macintosh 9500, Media 100 / DV / Betacam SP / S-VHS
sound: Gerd Rische, Darko Fritz
production: Akademie der Künste, Berlin, 1997
Duration: 3:33:03 min, loop 60 minutes
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Video work is sound and visual composition on the air space. Moving images are structuralized in unregulated rhythms, with often use of cross-zoom editing tool. At the end of the work there is a 1,2 second sound which consists of compresses entire works soundtrack.
Work is realized at the summer academy 'Landschaft Heute - Electronic Landscape', organized by Akademie der Künste, Berlin, 1997.

Documentated at 'Landschaft Heute - Electronic Landscape' CD-ROM, Akademie der Künste, Berlin, 1997

Presentation of 'Airscape' video at the commercial video display at Ban Jelacic Square in Zagreb. Video was simultaneously presented in the gallery of Museum of Contemporary Art.

Mediascape festival, organized by Media in Motion, Berlin and Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, 1997.

Airscape bUG-remix

'Airscape' bUG-video-installation is live remix of the video work 'Airscape', presented as bug appearing unregulated at the site at five video monitors and projection screen simultaneously. The video's sound was mixed with other music by dj Jonas Ohlsson.

The minus 0 Between 0 and 1,bUG project, Baby Institute, Amsterdam, 07 - 05 - 1999

Documentated at bUG CD-ROM catalogue, Seb Foundation, Amsterdam, 1999