The opening speech of The Exhibitions of Theatre Posters in Skopje City Museum
by Tihomir Milovac, May 1993.

I have been following the work of Darko Fritz for several years as the curator of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb but also as a friend and visitor . His exhibitions are staged under his own name but also under the name of The Imitation of Life Studio which includes joint work with Zeljko Serdarevic, the co-author of several posters from this exhibition .
The multi-level art project, because this is a project, carried out in the period between 1988 and 1990 played a significant role on the visual arts scene in Croatia since it influenced generations of younger artists and designers with its clear idea and especially interesting visuality, in the same way that compared with similar phenomena in Europe, it was among the very top with  its actuality .
I will not go into a more detailed analysis of the overall,  very complex project  realized by these two artists ( the integral scheme of the activities of the gallery, graphic design as well as music and performing arts ). However, it seems essential to me to emphasize the typical post-modern converted perspective or retrospective - in comparison with the artificial or artistic, the reality always seems imperfect . Also characteristic are the samples of visual arts which author uses in creating posters and other design projects . He is taking them from almost all fields of visual arts, illustrations, photography, most often labeled as popular . In the terms of iconography, motifs and signs from the pop culture of the fifties and sixties are recognizably dominant but so are scientific achievements - from the first record players and household appliances to rockets and the first flights into space . The mixing and overlapping of motifs are brought to the verge of recognition and thus, a new positive form has been  created - A PICTURE which possesses its autonomy, and  the fragments which we discover when we walk through it are an inducement for personal interpretations as well as experiences .
I am speaking of a picture although posters are here whose function is to tell us about a certain event ( theatre performance, exhibition, fashion show, and similar events ). The posters of Darko Fritz and The Imitation of Life Studio are also unique because they carry in (on) themselves, in addition to primary information, a series of predominantly visual information from which we are "reading" the artistic messages of the author . They are sometimes coordinated with the primary task but they are most often one step ahead and offer a chance for a purely artistic experience .
And in the end, we live in a world overwhelmed with information and disinformation . The visual arts, as one of the humanistic disciplines, are a quality guide through space suffocated with information and an aid for sharpening our thoughts, distinguishing between the essential and irrelevant, the partial and the global, and especially for developing independent individual stances .