from the 'Poetics of Cataclism - Teary-eyed tenderness' by Tihomir Milovac,'Adapted for Screen' exhibition cataloque, Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, 1989.:

... Techniques of collage, ready made, decontextualisation and simulation are well known in postmodern art syntax, and The Imitation of Life Studio employ them, but solely as tools for detection of personal emotional values and meanings...An attitude withouth ideology has never been more justified than today. The speedy flow of information, perheps the major feature of modern civilisation, has almost completed its global task - uniting areas which are politicaly and culturaly different, thus providing creative artist with free access to diverse information.
..The work of The Imitation of Life Studio delves deep into the human psyche in order to locate the sediments of post-industrial civilization. In their complex and extensive activity, historical time and space, material, form and, finally, autorship, cannot function as determining categories (although they accept them as a convention), because The Imitation of Life Studio are a creative process withouth begining or end, a process devoid of cause and result, a process which simply goes on.