from the publication Internet Porno by Darko Fritz . 1998 . texts by Natasa Ilic, Goran Blagus, Durda Otrzan and Darko Fritz

 At the top of this world there is a naked woman. An ordinary, straightforward, naked woman. She is neither still nor smiling, and when she smiles, it is only for you. However she might approach you, I have to take that into consideration. Unfortunate, isnít it, since Iím a woman too. And a narrow one, say men who like it. What can you do, when thatís the tongue I have to use to talk with you. Narrow and naked, within and without. A few years are needed for this language of nakedness to be learned. When you are young, you canít, you think; itís all in the pleasure, and when youíre there, there are entrances and exits in this male world, well preserved, accessible to all, but women think too little about what they do every day, at least 2 x a day, stripping naked; once when they get dressed in the morning and the second time when they undress to go to bed. You take care of this, donít you, about making womanís nakedness eternal, and then we deal with male questions, questions of the world: how many women to one man, or all at once, and how much? * if thereís a price, and couldnít it be got a bit cheaper, prices have fallen a bit in the land I come from, and it would be rather improbable to have to explain how it is that an eternally naked woman stands at the top of the male world. Silly cow, some might say, tart, others again, and yet others, Eve. Itís good itís like this. The naked woman looks after you, those who turn their head away donít deserve her. Your wife doesnít expect caresses, unlike real women. How I would like this to be in verses, but there are no verses without love, and your world is inside out; itís not the way women think, a naked man outside, but a woman, and the naked man is inside. And what, in the name of women, should I put at the top of this world for you to understan me? The man whoís inside? Would you be able to find him? Before I take my clothes off?