Theatre Time

multimedia project > video screening . TV programme . exhibition of photo works

1994 . Hollywood / KIC Cinema . KIC [Cultural Information Centre] gallery . OTV . Zagreb

Theatre Time project made use of few synchronised communication systems:
- presentation of the documentary video in the cinema hall
- exhibition in the gallery
- TV programme

The opening TV speech by Vladimir Gudac, curator of the project was shown directly from the TV programme to the cinema hall big screen. After opening speech the simultaneous TV programme and cinema projection took place prezenting the video work Autobahnkreutz [37 min.]. Later on, the event split into two parts:
a) showing the new artworks in the exhibition space for the cinema hall audience (read: invited audience,' art world') what happens in the 'real' time and
b) showing an already prepared TV presentation of the exhibition including comments of 'art experts' for the TV audiennce, which happens in the 'media' time.

Participants in TV presentation:
Jacques Defert . French Institute Zagreb 
Leonida Kovac . Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb 
Mladen Lucic .  Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb / Art Film 
Tihomir Milovac . Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb 
Ivan Molek . member of HUDHZ semiotic section 
Ivan Pajic . MM film center SC [cro]
Goran Sergej Pristas . dramaturgist 
Sandra Krizic Roban . Art History Institut Zagreb 

Theatre Time project guide is published at Quorum magazine no.3 . 1995 . Zagreb . p 113 - 152