permanent horticulture unit

2013 . Turf. 10 m diameter. Image aligned with Southward equinox (September).
Pukekura Park . New Plymouth . New Zealand


The reload_refresh_sync icon is planted into the side of the Bowl of Brooklands at the Pukekura Park in New Plymouth. When clicked by a computer mouse, the ‘reload’ or ‘refresh’ button reloads a page when browsing the internet. The same icon is used to sync electronic equipment, and also as a symbol for recycling. The installation act as a small button at the Earth’s land surface, interacting with the entire planet from its location at New Zealand (39°11’5’’ S, 174°7’33’’ E). The artist is asking us to refresh our relationship to the environment, in a project that mixes humble turf with modern electronics.

Image is aligned with Southward equinox. The Southward equinox (or September equinox) is the moment when the sun appears to cross the celestial equator, heading southward. Due to differences between the calendar year and the tropical year, the Southward equinox can occur at any time from the 22nd to the 24th day of September. In the Northern Hemisphere the Southward equinox is known as the autumnal equinox. In the Southern Hemisphere it is known as the vernal or spring equinox.

The horticulture unit is made at existing grass field: majority of kikuya (Pennisetum clandestinum) mixed with clover (Trifolium) and Sport Rye / Perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne). The newly planted ryegrass in the shape of “Reload” icon distinguish the design with different texture and darker shade of green colour. It is a mixture of Chewing fescue (Festuca rubra subsp. commutata), Sport Rye / Perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne), and tall fescue (Festuca arundinacea).

The maintenance of the horticulture unit “reload_refresh_sync” fits within regular maintenance of the grass fields in Kete Pukekura Park. It is expected that over the years the design will gradually vanish because of the mixing of new grass by surrounding grass, propelled by wind. It is open to made a new installation again.

There is no information about the work at the site of installation.

Project is made during SCANZ 2013: 3rd nature residency and supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia.

Part of the exhibition Solar Circuit Aotearoa New Zealand (SCANZ) 2013:
3rd nature, Puke Ariki Museum, New Plymouth, New Zealand, 2013.