3 x Moscow Intershadow

part of the APT ART project - Apartment Art International . organized by Center of Modern Art, Moscow . curated by Mr. Viktor Misiano

Research project on the original vs. reproduction relationship.
Level 1: live and authentic set-up
Level 2: artwork made by other artistís hand
Level 3: reproduction and mass production

The artworks initially used in this projects are photographic triptych Interexposed Edition and ceramic work Hype.

Day 1: Installation / Live Act

location: private apartment, Leningradski prospekt 71, ap. 86
light: flashlights
sound engineer & tekno assistant: Nikolai Grecov, Moscow
ceramic technician: Adrian Hunt, Amsterdam

The installation consists of two artworks [Hype and Interexposed Edition] and correlation between them. They was set-up ëface to faceí, each at opposite wall. In this installation the work Interexposed Edition was ambiented with flashlights in three different frequency ranges. Frequency corresponded with those in human brain at different psychical states. For example 13 - 30 hertz corresponded with awakened state. In the installation was used simultaneously 5 / 10 / 20 Hz. 
Live act took place within the installation space. Darko Fritz hammered and broke into pieces ceramic work Hype. Photo camera, which registered the live act ambiented the space with additional flashes. The recorded sound was played during the live act. Text on technological processes of ceramic and photography work included the metaphysical level of it, dealing with elements [earth / light / water]. An additional live sound of ceramic plate with pick-up microphones was present. 

Day 2: Interexposed Edition Shadow

location: Troprudny Gallery 
light: daylight

Moscow-based conceptual artist Avdij Ter-Oganan realized an commission by Darko Fritz. He painted the Interexposed Edition work at gallery wall in 1:1 scale. 


Day 3: Hype Shadow

location: Chistye Proudny Studio Gallery 
light: UV light

The installation consists of two elements:
- wallpapers using the same letter-designed pattern as ceramic work Hype . Wallpapers are printed in Russia.
- the box with leftovers of Hype ceramic work destroyed two days before this installation was opened to audience

The project was supported by Moscow News, Moscow.

TV covering of event was broadcasted by Centar, Russian National TV, Channel 1, May 2nd 1992 and in 1993 by Fluid, Croatian National TV (in Russian only).