Search . horticultural unit . 2.2 x 20 m . part of the Migrant Navigator project by Darko Fritz 

Rajka, trijunction of Slovakia, Austria and Hungary . September  2012

Work is set near Budapest, at the trijunction of Slovakia, Austria and Hungary. Installation is set-up at the very national border, next to official sign "Slovensko" (Slovakia) at the highway. Since Slovakia joined EU, there is no border control. Artwork is placed in environment of two road signs "Slovensko" (Slovakia), two empty flag poles and absent custom border offices in Rajka.

Project consists of making, planting, maintaing and using the horticulture unit / art installation “Search”. Installation is build in the shape of the typical searching interface of internet browsers and other interactive electronic media. It consist of one 'empty' rectangular field, and another one, letter-designed button that reads “Search”. The installation is made in total size of 2.2 x 20 m, graphically shaped by paving stones and growing mint plants, surrounded by grass field that lay between two roads. Everybody may feel free and pick some mint for personal use from 670 mint plants from installation. Several kinds of mint are planted: Mentha piperita 'Granada', Mentha piperita citrata (Lemon Bergamot Mint) and Mentha gracilis Ginger. The paving stones will be given free of charge to local population after concluding the horticultural unit / art installation.

This project is part of the "Migrant Navigator" project by Darko Fritz, where author question the notions of home and identity. As part of this long-term project (since 2002), he setup the images of Home internet browser icons at national borders of Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary and Italia.

Curated by Zuzana Duscho for the Culburb project (Cultural Acupuncture Treatment for Suburb)

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> text by Eric Kluitenberg: Not Home

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