Keep the Frequency Clear

1994 - 1995

The axis of the project is the presentation of three "typographic images" by means of various media. The textual content of typographic images and their titles are:

The textual content of the images consists of found (ready-made) texts from the deposits
of language encountered on various products which cross the borders of countries and continents. The English language is in use because it is widely used in current global communication.
The project has been dedicated to scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla.

Each triptych has been executed in the following media:

FAX ACTION is conceived as a performance taking place at the exhibition opening. A strip of paper, seven meters long, is coming out of the fax machine recording fax-modem communication within one hour. During the exhibition, the images on the paper grow faint. The image is affected by the quantity of light in the room and thus the works registers the gallery lighting.

ZINC BLOCKS and RUBBER STAMPS contain the image in the positive, its legible form, which cannot be further reproduced either manually or mechanically. The zinc and rubber reliefs are both printing blocks and the print itself.

HORTICULTURAL UNITS are installations 3 x 3 m in size made of white and pink flowers. Each of the three units contains four hundred begonias. The installations are located outdoors, in public space. They are constantly monitored by surveillance video and their image is transmitted into the gallery space. Installation view at Triple x festial, Amsterdam 1994.

DIRECT TRANSMISSION of surveillance video (established by video-link) places the viewer in a twofold role: that of the viewer-voyeur and that of the person being viewed, the controller and the participant, actively involved in both real and media time and space. 

Webmaster Calin Dan made Triple x website. It was the very first exhibition in the Netherlands on-line, hosted NO VALUE computer graphic [it was first apearing of graphic work by Darko Fritz on WWW as well]. There was too ambitious attempt to stream the video signal live at the Internet, but becouse of early stage of the technology in 1994 it failed [the cable with the video signal was in the Quadra 950 - at the time the best AV Apple Macintosh but [brand new] 28.8 kb/ps modem and very first software for webcast did not made their work].

The object made of matte non-reflecting GLASS and mirrors in the alluminium frame size 60 x 60 x 4 cm. The reflection of the objects in the mirror is decreasead due to the non-reflecting glass; on mate parts completely and on free parts variably, dependent on the distance and focus of the reflected object.

MULTIPLES in silkscreen on plexiglass executed in three color variations of each title - altogether nine prints.

The PORTFOLIO OF PRINTS 'Keep the Frequency Clear' is published by The Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, 1995. 
The portfolio contains eight prints: two color variations of each title, size 50 x 50 cm, and two color variations of the triptych, size 20 x 50 cm. Edition of11, all prints signed and numerated, in wooden box. The full-color offset page with text by Darko Fritz and reproductions from KTFC project supply the portfolio. Silk-screen prints on 250 gram paper have been printed by Martijn Sandberg at Het Grafisch Atelier in Haarlem, the Netherlands.
An additional print of grey-black triptych (20 x 50 cm) has been made in edition of 11. Each print is signed and numerated.

The project has been realized over a two year period: in multimedia form within the exhibitions 'Keep That Frequency Clear' in Zagreb and 'Corridor' at the Triple X Festival in Amsterdam, through the presentation segments of the project at several group exhibitions, and in the form of documentation on video tape and printed material.

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