temporary site-specific installation and video

204_NO_CONTENT is a temporary site-specific installation and a video work. Textual content of the work comes from internet error report messages [or HTML server reports].

The site specific installation consists of a typographic image which reads 204_NO_CONTENT, comprised of 193 burning candles set-up in an empty parking lot. The event's performance is dependent on the wind: if there is no wind, the author will burn the candles and leave the site. As the event is part of a group exhibition, some people will be wandering around the installation site. The ambient / outdoor light will naturally fade-out, and the candles will burn out within 3 hours as another analog fade-out. If windy, the author will attempt to light the candles for 1 hour. If raining, there will be no burning candles. In case of an earthquake, the typographic image will be distorted.

An additional work makes use of this installation. The site is captured by video camera. The long rectangular installation is positioned at the bottom of the video image, creating a subtitle for the captured video. The ultimate reality TV experience! See one minute video here.

More video documentation at the web coming soon.

The project is dedicated to all burned pixels from electronic devices.

204_NO_CONTENT is part of the Internet Error Messages project by Darko Fritz.

installation view: 18th Street Arts Center . 1639 18th Street, Santa Monica, California
still photo: Linda Pollack

Support for this project provided in part by the EZTV and 18th Street Arts Center of Santa Monica. Thanks to Linda Pollack and the Electronic Cafe International. Darko Fritz is a resident artist at 18th Street Arts Center, supproted by the Trust for Mutual Understanding.