the future state of balkania

Initiated at Syndicate meeting in Budapest, 1999.
Workshop Designing The Future State of Balkania was held in TEMP Temporary Media Lab, at Kiasma, Contempory Arts Museum, Helsinki, Finland, 1999.

Alongside other acitivites Darko Fritz participate in Balkania's PR:

> flash animation for Balkania website
concept: Darko Fritz . sound:  Ana Bocheva . programming: Vedran Gulin Goo

> graphic works
:: published in 1.2 mil. copys at Helsingen Sanomat newspapers, Finland, 23/11/1999 [on-line as well] 
:: redesigned graphic elements used for theatre poster design 50%

> TV presentation
Transfer, HRT [Croatian national TV], Oct. 1999

The making of the future state of Balkania is in process. You can wittness it and participate at

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