mixed media objects

The Imitation of Life Studio

[1987 - 1990]

Darko Fritz and Zeljko Serdarevic

Over the period of four years The Imitation of Life Studio project was designed and performed in the form of three blocks of public appearances in Zagreb. [1988 - 1989  - 1990]. Annual programme included three music and stage events and three art projects [exhibition of mixed media objects . site-specific works at public space . exhibition of graphic design]. 

During the performance by the IOLS, a photographic image was positioned on the central wall over a projection of the same image, on 1:1 scale, both images coinciding completely. Three days later ÓFotografije-izumiÓ, a mixed media exhibition was opened by žThe Imitation of Life StudioÓ at the ÓFlashÓ photo studio, were the same photograph was positioned on the film screen. [Studio]. This piece forms a cycle of art-works together with two other pieces designed during the following two mixed-media exhibitions of The IOLS.
The next piece is entitled žThe Kindness of a StrangerÓ. This is an object comprising of circular saw mounted on a blackboard painted with oil paint. It was first shown in 1989 at the Museum of Contemporary Art in the second mixed-media exhibition, entitled žEkranizacijaž which means žadapted for screenž.
The third piece in this cycle is Technobox. It was presented at the thirth annual mixed-media exhibition entitled žFrame by Frame, Image par Imagež, 1990, taking place in anonymous basement next to body-building club. 

The next cycle of works designed throughout  all three mixed-media exhibitions starts with the triptych with two titles:
No Airports Around Here and the dialogue:
A: žItŽs...ž
B: ÓWhat about...?Ó
A+B:žI did a lot of thinking and...Ó
The panels include eight watch ads and a real time working clock. On its first showing, at the first mixed-media exhibition 1988, this work was displayed together with a copy machine.
The second piece also has two titles: Mona Lisa and Sans titre. Later, this work was reproduced at the ofsset poster advertising Slovene National Theatre Maribor. The final piece in this cycle is entitled Ressantiment.

In 1989 the urban action žLontano dagli occhi, lontano dal cuorež took place around Zagreb. It consisted of nine installations placed in shopwindows at points which shaped a tro-square on the city map. This geometric form was named and also adopted as a trademark by  The Imitation of Life Studio. The exhibition žAdapted for Screenž displayed the photographic records of this action. Each photograph of the nine installation pieces was taken on a 1:1 scale and assumed the role of žoriginalž when the action was completed. In 1990, the third public installation called žRe-creationž was mounted in the main square in Zagreb, and reproduced  photographically on a 1:3 scale.

Ravnovjesje (1989)
mixed media, transparency, zinc cliché

Mit o otudjenosti umjetnika (1990)
mixed media, analog / digital photography

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