hotriculture unit | flower installation



hotriculture unit | flower installation
. 2003 . 2.5 x 25 m

installation view at Forum, Zadar, Croatia . part of the ARTISTEXTURE Zadar Uzivo_03 project . photos Stipe Suruc

The work consists of erecting and maintaining a flower installation 2.5 x 25 metres in size. It is the artistic installation made of materials used for urban horticulture: flowers, humus, grass and gravel (for paths in parks). A typographical picture is shaped out of the mentioned materials. The textual context of the picture is a text found in the computer language that says 404_FILE_NOT_FOUND. It is an error report which appears in the Internet communication: a machine communicates with another machine about protocols of failed communication [HTML server error], and thus providing the user with the insight into the problem. 404_FILE_NOT_FOUND is an untranslatable syntagm existing only in English (adapted to machines).
In the context of an artistic intervention in the urban tissue of Zadar, the installation is placed in a location which contains the ancient urban history, and its purpose has changed more than once. See more on location history and its urbanism from Roman times on here.
Work is using only the flowers from warehouses belonging to the company for the maintenance of a green of the city of Zadar. The maintenance is entirely in the hands of the same company, too.


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