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. 204 NO CONTENT . fax action and installation

FAX.NL . series of fax actions, each considering different part of the Netherlands' fine arts [bureaucratic] network
. . 404 FILE NOT FOUND . sent from: artists initiative [artists' run space] -> received by: fonds, governmental cultural departments, organisations, visual arts centres, societies, institutes and foundations [total:217] . exhibition opening . Willekeur en/of Het Goed Geproportioneerde Lichaam . exhibition . Artis . Den Bosch
. . 406 NOT ACCEPTABLE . sent from: artists society -> received by: gallerys [431] . exhibition opening . Numbers Only . Arti et Amicitiae Society . Amsterdam
. . 415 UNSUPPORTED MEDIA TYPE . sent from: cultural centre -> received by: museums [118 ] . Museumnacht . Open 24 Hours . event . De Balie
. Crypted TV porn [digital] . video installation . triple DVD projection
. upload for ZNC browser URLS project by Peter Luining . submitted work: XXX Pictures Sex. Free The - visual poems using html source of adult web pages

. screened out . a collection of rejected proposals . project by www.linkoln.net . submitted work: Metro > ... project . net


. illegal immigrant dis.information . on-line work

. Hermes International [2002] . internet project and installation at Zagreb Info fair as part of 10@hr project -10 years of internet in Croatia
. participation at THE INTERNATIONAL DAY OF TIME SPECIFIC ART .  internet networked art project by Jeremy Welsh

. video presentation and participation in Video-Logue round table Curating Video Program - crossing border from cinema to museum . Videotage . Hong Kong

. on-line works EROSTHANATOS > and HOME >

. internet broadcast of time=mony=time= computer animation at electornic display at Tallinn main square during Interstanding 4 exhibition [using 24h timeline software by Adam Hyde]

. presentation [incl. live webcast] of The Future State of Balkania at go_HOME project . Location 1 . New York

. space=space: zadar city square . video installation in public space . Zadar . part of space=space project . Close Circuit City . curated by Iva Radmila Jankovic

. sound installation p.sound . Adria Art Annale . Split . Croatia 

. collaboration internet project BLOCKING THE FLOW.html with Ana Peraica . c-front . Plovdiv

. participatrion in networked art project ][Col][Lab Logging: Agency of The N][arratively fractured][etwurk by Phonet][r][ix net.wurker][mez][

. p.sound [remix] .  2001 . internet networking art . still open!

. time=money=time=money computer installation . What, how and for whom . WUK Kunsthalle Exnergasse . Wienna

. recomendations for students as 'digital mentor' for the Digital Art Source

. p.sound . sound installation . De Loge . Haarlem . part of Toon festival

. participatrion in networking art project The 12hr-ISBN-JPEG Project by Brad Brace with tesla.jpg photo taken form Nikola Tesla department at Museum of technology in Zagreb

. discussion trigger e-mail about Netocka Nezvanova at [first] Syndicate mailing list

. participation at 'Networked Art Practices'. ISEA 2000 . Paris . presentation of the exhibition 'I am Still Alive'

. End of the Message (works 1995 - 2000) - simoultanious 4 channal presentation: Miroslav Kraljevic Gallery, Zagreb [triple video installation . video premieré] . Radio Student [10 hours programme with remixes of End of the Message - Archives live! sound work] . Gjuro 2 club [drum'n'bass remixes by DJ Markan] . upgrade of the internet document with 13 min video [rm] and 60 min sound work

. End of the Message - total archives - 20 hours radio broadcast of End of the Message - Archives live! sound work at Radio Patapoe [Amsterdam] . alongside End of the Message - total archives exhibiton opening at Berlage Institute Amsterdam. Surveillance video system at Berlage Institute doors took part in the exhibiton.

. space=space: L Esprit Nouveau (Le Courbisier), with A. Arapovic, site-specific video installation, L Esprit Nouveau, Bologna

. space=space: Baroque (Santini), with A. Arapovic, site-specific video installation, Limbo festival, Plasy monastery

. The Future State of Balkania . networked art project . internet . mailing list . TEMP, a Temporary Media Lab, Kiasma, Contempory Arts Museum, Helsinki, Finland.

. Airscape bUg remix. site-specific video installation. Live remix of the video work 'Airscape', presented as bug appearing unregulated at the site at five video monitors and projection screen simultaneously. The video's sound was mixed with other music by dj Jonas Ohllson. The minus 0 Between 0 and 1, bUG project, Baby Institute, Amsterdam / bUG CD-ROM, Seb Foundation, Amsterdam, 1999

. OUT OF MEMORY! and UNKNOWN QUALITY [from Error Reports series] - fax action + webcast bu Digitale Stad . How low can You go . Next5Minutes . Amsterdam 

. Crypted TV Porn . video installation . [using crypted TV signal]

. Cathedral: Restoration of Information - celebrating 10 years anniversary of Cathedral project form 1988 authors organized open round table on Croatian media art. 12 invited cultural policy and art practioners have been in KIC conference room and 5 authors of Cathedral project in radio 101 studio. Conference took place simoultaniously at Kic conference room and Interet and Radio 101. The webcast and radio programme included its audience in discussion. The project included series of other media actions over 1998 as well. (designing project's Internet site / Darko Fritz and Stanko Juzbasic in TV talk show on restauration of electronic and digital information at OTV / press / exhibiton).

. Passage: Dubrovnik . site-specific video installation, Otok Gallery / ARL, Dubrovnik

. Internet Porno Weekend . internet art and digital prints

. Presentation of 'Airscape' video at the commercial video display at Ban Jelacic Square in Zagreb. Video was simultaneously presented in the gallery of Museum of Contemporary Art. Mediascape festival, organized by Media in Motion, Berlin and Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, 1997. 

. Internet Porno . internet art and digital prints

. Delete - fax action . Timing . De Appel . Amsterdam 

. Skip Question - fax action . Planet Art . Hengelo 

. End of the Message - Security Camera is Recording Now! . site-specific video installation with bank video surveillance system, T.EST, Zagreb

. End of the Message (Security Camera) . TV broadcast . Salto . Park 4D TV

. End of the Message - internet art, with Rene Feyth [Clix], incl. gif animations - the document is now modified!

. End of the Message - fax action / closed circuit video / art installation . Obsessions: from Wunderkammer to Cyberspace, Rijksmuseum Twenthe, Enschede 

Delete - fax action . failed [no dial tone] . Biennale of Young Artist, Museum of Modern Art, Rijeka. Sometimes no-communnication is communnication as well ...

. Keep the Frequency Clear  - fax action / closed circuit video / internet document / webcast [failed] . Corridor, Triple X festival, Amsterdam. HORTICULTURAL UNITS are installations 3 x 3 m in size made of white and pink flowers. Each of the three units contains four hundred begonias. The installations are located outdoors, in public space. They were constantly monitored by surveillance video and their image is transmitted into the gallery space. DIRECT TRANSMISSION of surveillance video (established by video-link) places the viewer in a twofold role: that of the viewer-voyeur and that of the person being viewed, the controller and the participant, actively involved in both real and media time and space. 
Webmaster Calin Dan made Triple x website. It was the very first exhibition in the Netherlands on-line, hosted NO VALUE computer graphic [it was first apearing of graphic work by Darko Fritz on WWW as well]. There was too ambitious attempt to stream the video signal live at the Internet, but becouse of early stage of the technology in 1994 it failed [the cable with the video signal was in the Quadra 950 - at the time the best AV Apple Macintosh but [brand new] 28.8 kb/ps modem and very first software for webcast did not made their work].
. Theatre time . project including TV program
. The opening TV speech by Vladimir Gudac, curator of the project was shown directly from the TV program to the cinema hall big screen. After opening speech the simultaneous TV programme and cinema projection took place prezenting the video work Autobahnkreutz [37 min.]. Later on, the event split into two parts: showing the new artworks in the exhibition space for the cinema hall audience and showing a prerecorded TV presentation of the exhibition including comments of 'art experts' for the TV audiennce. Hollywood / KIC Cinema . KIC [Cultural Information Centre] gallery . OTV . Zagreb
. Autobahnkreutz (remix) . TV broadcast . Salto . Kunstkanal

. 3 x Moscow Intershadow . TV broadcast . Radar HRT [Croatian National TV] In Russian with no translation!

. 3 x Moscow Intershadow . TV broadcast . Russian National TV

. Hype - [first] fax action . Pred  zidom [In front of the wall], Galerija S, Koprivnica 

. multimedia speech Autobahnkreutz . Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten, Amsterdam

. Autobahnkreutz and LDOLDC / Instrumentator . TV broadcast . Salto, Channal 0, Amsterdam

. TV virus Unechoic Chamber . TV broadcast . The Imitiation of Life Studio, with Z. Serdarevic and D. Martinis, Radar HRT [Croatian National TV]

. LDOLDC / Instrumentator . TV broadcast . OTV, with Z. Serdarevic and G. Brzovic, OTV

. media action for the opening of The annual design exhibition by The Imitiation of Life Studio . Exhibition was opened during three days only. There were three openings: via live radio programme - Radio 101 / via spoken word - Tihomir Milovac / via computer prints with interview by Djurdja Otrzan - Darko Fritz

. Katedrala / Cathedral - computer-generated environment and performance [incl. interactive sound and slide projections and closed circuot video]. Galerija PM, Zagreb. The first [of six] presentation was broadcasted live by Radio 101. Juranalist Igor Suljic made comments, took soundscapes and interviewed the audience.