Alexei Shulgin - born in Moscow, artist, curator, founder of the žImmediate PhotographyÓ group, teaches photography and contemporary art at the United Art Workshops in Moscow. Starting with 1994 he begun working intensively on and create an electronic photo-gallery žHot PicturesÓ, founded WWWArt Centre in Moscow, conceived Form Art, started up the Easylife site. He took part in more than 60 exhibitions and numerous symposia on photography/contemporary art/new media/communications. HeŪs the author and curator of numerous Internet projects. Numerous Croatian media presented ShulginŪs art work žFuckU-FuckMEÓ (web presentation of a non-existing product), as a real commercial product for cybersex. During the first month of the siteŪs existence Alexei received 17000 orders. 1998 he founded the worldŪs first cyberpunk rock band 386DX.

Vuk źosi  - born in Belgrade, graduated in archeology, since 1991 lives and creates visual diversions, shuttling between Ljubljana and Trst. Since 1995 he is an active member of LJUDMILA Ů Ljubljana Digital Media Lab. He works on the ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) art. The project žASCII ArchitectureÓ (June 2000) consists from the conversion of a photography of St. George Hall in Liverpool into an ASCII picture and the projections of that same ASCII picture in its natural size at the faces of St. George Hall. In April 2000 he presented in Amsterdam an žInstant ASCII CameraÓ that, similar to a photo-booth-machine, prints out an ASCII portrait of the person in front of the lens. In the žASCII history of moving imagesÓ he converted films such as žDeep ThroatÓ, žStar WarsÓ and žKing KongÓ into the ASCII standard

BlaŻenko KareŲin - Karo - throughout his life his interests shifted between astronomy, music (renown Zagreb fusion band žvoodoobuddha", scores for choir and orchestra he wrote while at the fine arts academy, electronic trio "reefer madness"), astrology, writing (e.g. Arkzin) and arts. At the time he lives and works in Amsterdam.